The 16 August 1997 Novaya Zemlya Seismic Event as Viewed from GSN Stations KEV and KBS


Table 1 - Location Information for 16 August 1997 Event and 1990 Novaya Zemlya Explosion

Figure 1 - Regional map of northern Europe and northwest Asia showing seismicity, seismic arrays, and seismic stations. Dates next to station labels indicate time periods over which digital data is available. The red stars near the NZTS label indicate the Russian test site. I used events denoted by large green circles, stars, and the blue diamond (16 August event) in my discrimination analysis. Labels next to event symbols indicate event date (yrmody) and magnitude. Small brown circles denote seismic events from the years 1982-1997 that are reported in USGS PDE catalogs, but are not used in this study.

Figure 2 - Waveforms of the 16 August event recorded at KEV and KBS. Records have been bandpass filtered between 3 and 8 Hz. The records are instrument-corrected and are displayed as velocity in m/s. Vertical lines mark Pn and Sn arrivals



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