MineSeis - A MATLAB GUI Program

Program Implementation

Figure 1: The program consists of four main panels. The plot panel is for the displaying of time series and their spectra. Data manipulation such as filtering and printing is also conducted in this panel.

Figure 2: The Explosion Source panel is for inputting the explosion source parameters.

Figure 3: The Spall Source panel is for inputting the spall source parameters.

Figure 4: The main calculations of the program is carried out with the Superposition Panel. These include the calculation of single-shot seismograms, the calculation of impulse superposition, and the calculation of final superposition.

Figure 5: Explosion Source time-function and its spectrum. Source parameters can be inputted by either moving the sliders or typing the numbers in the fields to the right of the sliders. Every time any one of the parameters is changed, the program recalculates the source-time function and displays it in the plot panel.

Figure 6: Spall force time-functions. Either vertical or horizontal components can be displayed. Similar to calculating the explosion source time-function, the program recalculates the time-functions each time any one of the source parameters is changed.

Figure 7: Calculations of single shot seismograms, the impulse superposition, and the final superimposed seismograms. Each calculation is invoked by selecting one of the menu items from the "Compute" menu (top left). When the impulse superposition is being calculated, the shot array pattern is displayed in a separate window.


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