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Group: EES-16  


GRID GENERATION: Unstructured finite element grid generation for
geologic applications. ( http://meshing.lanl.gov , http://lagrit.lanl.gov )

HYDROLOGY: Modeling of flow and transport in saturated and
unsaturated porous media.

Computational Physics & Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Solution of
Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations.

MANTLE CONVECTION: Plume-ridge dynamics, interaction of plates and convection.


Ph.D. (Geophysics) Harvard University, 1989
M. S. (Applied Physics) Harvard University, 1988
B. A. (Geophysics) University of California, Berkeley, 1983

LANL Positions:
Acting Group Leader, Computational Earth Sciences EES-16, 2011
Team Leader, Subsurface Flow and Transport Team, 2008-2011
Scientific Staff, Earth & Environmental Sciences Division, 1989-present

Professional Societies:
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Geological Society of America (GSA)
Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Selected Publications

Deep permeable fault-controlled helium transport and limited mantle flux in two extensional geothermal systems in the Great Basin, United States Banerjee, A (Amlan) ; Person, M (Mark) ; Hofstra, A (Albert) ; Sweetkind, D (Donald) ; Cohen, D (Denis) ; et al. GEOLOGY (MAR 2011) Vol.39, iss.3, p.195-198.

Homogenization of Hydraulic Conductivity for Hierarchical Sedimentary Deposits at Multiple Scales Zhang, Y. (Ye) ; Liu, B. (Baozhong) ; Gable, C.W. (Carl W.) Transport in Porous Media (2011) Vol.87, iss.3, p.717-737.

Assessment of basin-scale hydrologic impacts of CO2 sequestration, Illinois basin, Person, M (Mark) ; Banerjee, A (Amlan) ; Rupp, J (John) ; Medina, C (Cristian) ; Lichtner, P (Peter) ; et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREENHOUSE GAS CONTROL (SEP 2010) Vol.4, iss.5, p.840-854.

Time-dependent 3-D modelling of contact-regional metamorphism suggests reactions occur in < 1 Ma, Dutrow, B (B.) ; Foster, CT (C. T.) ; Gable, C (C.) ; Travis, B (B.) GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA (JUN 2010) Vol.74, iss.12, suppl.1, p.A254-A25.

Stepwise inversion of a groundwater flow model with multi-scale observation data, Dai, ZX (Zhenxue) ; Keating, E (Elizabeth) ; Gable, C (Carl) ; Levitt, D (Daniel) ; Heikoop, J (Jeff) ; et al. HYDROGEOLOGY JOURNAL (MAY 2010) Vol.18, iss.3, p.607-624.

Origin and Extent of Fresh Paleowaters on the Atlantic Continental Shelf, USA, Cohen, D (Denis) ; Person, M (Mark) ; Wang, P (Peng) ; Gable, CW (Carl W.) ; Hutchinson, D (Deborah) ; et al. GROUND WATER (JAN-FEB 2010) Vol.48, iss.1, p.143-158.

Equivalent hydraulic conductivity of three-dimensional heterogeneous porous media: An upscaling study based on an experimental stratigraphy Zhang, Y. (Ye) ; Gable, C.W. (Carl W.) ; Sheets, B. (Ben) Journal of Hydrology (2010) Vol.388, iss.3-4, p.304-320.

Hydrogeochemistry and gas compositions of the Uinta Basin: A regional-scale overview, Zhang, Y (Ye) ; Gable, CW (Carl W.) ; Zyvoloski, GA (George A.) ; Walter, LM (Lynn M.) AAPG BULLETIN (AUG 2009) Vol.93, iss.8, p.1087-1118.

Untangling Diffusion from Advection in Unsaturated Porous Media: Experimental Data, Modeling, and Parameter Uncertainty, Stauffer, PH (Philip H.) ; Vrugt, JA (Jasper A.) ; Turin, HJ (H. Jake) ; Gable, CW (Carl W.) ; Soll, WE (Wendy E.) ; et al. VADOSE ZONE JOURNAL (MAY 2009) Vol.8, iss.2, p.510-522.

Numerical Simulation of CO2 Leakage through Abandoned Wells: Model for an Abandoned Site with Observed Gas Migration in Alberta, Canada, Pawar, R.J. (Rajesh J.) ; Watson, T.L. (Theresa L.) ; Gable, C.W. (Carl W.) Energy Procedia (2009) Vol.1, iss.1, p.3625-3632.

Plumes anchored by a high viscosity lower mantle in a 3D mantle convection model featuring dynamically evolving plates, Lowman, JP (J. P.) ; Gait, AD (A. D.) ; Gable, CW (C. W.) ; Kukreja, H (H.) GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS (OCT 14 2008) Vol.35, iss.19 L19309.

Time dependence in 3-D mantle convection models featuring evolving plates: Effect of lower mantle viscosity, Gait, AD (A. D.) ; Lowman, JP (J. P.) ; Gable, CW (C. W.) JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH (AUG 19 2008) Vol.113, iss.B8 B08409.

Two-scale modeling of solute transport in an experimental stratigraphy Zhang, Y (Ye) ; Gable, CW (Carl W.), JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY (JAN 15 2008) Vol.348, iss.3-4, p.395-411.

Zhang, Y; Person, M; Gable, CW, Representative hydraulic conductivity of hydrogeologic units: Insights from an experimental stratigraphy, Journal of Hydrology; Jun 10 2007; v.339, no.1-2, p.65-78.

Miller, T.A., Gable, C.W., Vesselinov, V.V., Stauffer, P.H., Birdsell, K.H., Integration of Hydrogeologic Frameworks in Mesh Generation and Setup of Computational Porous Flow and Transport Models, Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico, 58th Fall Field Conference, New Mexico Geological Society, 2007.

Phillips, B.R., Baldridge W.S., Gable, C.W., Sicilian, J.M., Duration of the Banco Bonito Rhyolite Eruption, Valles Caldera, New Mexico Based on Magma Transport Modeling, 58th Fall Field Conference, New Mexico Geological Society, 2007.

Zhang, Y; Gable, CW; Person, M, Equivalent hydraulic conductivity of an experimental stratigraphy: Implications for basin-scale flow simulations, WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH; MAY 3 2006; v.42, no.5, p.W05404.

Hutnak, M; Fisher, AT; Zuhlsdorff, L; Spiess, V; Stauffer, PH; Gable, CW, Hydrothermal recharge and discharge guided by basement outcrops on 0.7-3.6 Ma seafloor east of the Juan de Fuca Ridge: Observations and numerical models, GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS; JUL 12 2006; v.7, p.Q07O02.

Robinson, BA; Cole, G; Carey, JW; Witkowski, M; Gable, CW; Lu, ZM; Gray, R, A vadose zone flow and transport model for Los Alamos Canyon, Los Alamos, New Mexico VADOSE ZONE JOURNAL; AUG 2005; v.4, no.3, p.729-743.

Zhang, Y; Person, M; Paola, C; Gable, CW; Wen, XH; Davis, JM, Geostatistical analysis of an experimental stratigraphy, WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH; NOV 16 2005; v.41, no.11, p.W11416.

Bower, KM; Gable, CW; Zyvoloski, GA, Grid resolution study of ground water flow and transport, Ground Water; 2005; v.43, no.1, p.122-132.

J. P. Lowman, S. D. King, C. W. Gable, Steady plumes in viscously stratified, vigorously convecting, three-dimensional numerical mantle convection models with mobile plates, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 5(1), Q01L01, 13 January 2004, DOI 10.1029/2003GC000583.

Guest, A., G. Schubert, and C. W. Gable, Stress field in the subducting lithosphere and comparison with deep earthquakes in Tonga, J. Geophys. Res., 108(B6), 2288, doi:10.1029/2002JB002161, 2003.

A geostatistical modeling study of the effect of heterogeneity on radionuclide transport in the unsaturated zone, Yucca Mountain Viswanathan, HS; Robinson, BA; Gable, CW; Carey, JW Source: JOURNAL OF CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY; APR-MAY 2003; v.62-3, SI, p.319-336

Modeling unsaturated flow and transport processes at the Busted Butte Field Test Site, Nevada Tseng, PH; Soll, WE; Gable, CW; Turin, HJ; Bussod, GY Source: JOURNAL OF CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY; APR-MAY 2003; v.62-3, SI, p.303-318

The role of the heating mode of the mantle in intermittent reorganization of the plate velocity field Lowman, JP; King, SD; Gable, CW Source: GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL; JAN 2003; v.152, no.2, p.455-467

Episodic tectonic plate reorganizations driven by mantle convection King, SD; Lowman, JP; Gable, CW Source: EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS; OCT 15 2002; v.203, no.1, p.83-91

A point-placement strategy for Conforming Delaunay tetrahedralization Murphy, M; Mount, DM; Gable, CW Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY & APPLICATIONS; DEC 2001; v.11, no.6, p.669-682

A point-placement strategy for Conforming Delaunay tetrahedralization Murphy, M; Mount, DM; Gable, CW Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY & APPLICATIONS; DEC 2001; v.11, no.6, p.669-682

Coupled heat and silica transport associated with dike intrusion into sedimentary rock: Effects on isotherm location and permeability evolution Dutrow, BL; Travis, BJ; Gable, CW; Henry, DJ Source: GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA; NOV 2001; v.65, no.21, p.3749-3767

The influence of tectonic plates on mantle convection patterns, temperature and heat flow Lowman, JP; King, SD; Gable, CW Source: GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL; SEP 2001; v.146, no.3, p.619-636

Thermal evolution of the mantle following continental aggregation in 3D convection models Lowman, JP; Gable, CW Source: GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS; SEP 1 1999; v.26, no.17, p.2649-2652

Interaction of mantle plumes and migrating mid-ocean ridges: Implications for the Galapagos plume-ridge system Ito, G; Lin, J; Gable, CW Source: JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH; JUL 10 1997; v.102, no.B7, p.15403-15417

Dynamics of mantle flow and melting at a ridge-centered hotspot: Iceland and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Ito, G; Lin, J; Gable, CW Source: EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS; OCT 1996; v.144, no.1-2, p.53-74


Chris Kincaid, Garrett Ito and Carl W. Gable, \"Laboratory Investigation of the Interaction of Off-Axis Mantle Plumes and Spreading Centers,\" NATURE, vol 376, pp758-761, 1995.


geology fault fabrics and fluid flow
heat and mass transport
geophysics geodynamics
mantle convection
plate tectonics
ground water hydrology aquifer parameters uncertainty
conceptual model development
fracture flow
groundwater model development
multi-phase flow
multiphase transport
porous media flow
reactive transport
reactive transport modeling
saturated flow
subsurface flow and transport
unsaturated flow
unsaturated flow modeling
modeling and simulation porous flow
plate tectonics
model development and testing
mesh generation
mantle convection three dimension (MC3D)
mantle convection
LaGriT los alamos grid toolbox
grid generation
fehm finite element heat mass
computational fluid dynamics
code verification
project Nevada test site (NTS)
Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM)
project technical leadership geologic repository
project planning/execution
software, hardware and laboratory language: Fortran
language: HTML
language: Java
OS: Unix/Linux
software: graphics - AVS
software: graphics - Paraview
software: modeling - EarthVision
software: modeling - Stratamodel
solid earth geophysics composition of the crust and mantle
weapons phenomenology nuclear explosion containment
nuclear weapons effects
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