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Units Conversion

The UnitsConversion class uses the Atmosphere and ShowStatus classes. It can be used to convert between a variety of physical units. It can also be used to convert from true bearing to magnetic bearing, and between Mach number, true airspeed, and calibrated airspeed. The methods in the class are all static, like the methods in the java.lang.Math class. To perform unit conversions:

double distance = 1.0 // in feet
distance = UnitsConversion.feetToMeters(distance); // now in meters

Some of the units in the class are: feet, meters, kilofeet, nautical miles, statute miles, kilometers, and temperatures in Rankine, Kelvin, Centigrade and Fahrenheit, pressure in Pascal, inches of mercury, bars, and pounds per square inch, along with mass in slugs and kilograms, plus many others. Examine the source code to see what conversions are available.

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