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  • Group Leader
    Kristin Omberg
  • Deputy Group Leader
    David Cremer
  • Office Administrator
    Lorraine Johnson
  • Group Office Location
    TA-52, Bldg. 115
    MS K551


The ShowStatus class is an AWT frame that can be used to pop messages to the user. It was written before we started using the Swing library for all of our GUIs. To use the class, instantiate it, then add messages. When you are ready to show the messages to the user call either setVisible() or beepAndShow().

ShowStatus status = new ShowStatus();
status.addMessage(“Message number 1”);
status.addMessage(“Message number 2”);

When the ShowStatus frame loses the focus, or when the user clicks on the close button, the ShowStatus frame will be disposed of.

download button (java utilities.zip)

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