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    Kristin Omberg
  • Deputy Group Leader
    David Cremer
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    Lorraine Johnson
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    TA-52, Bldg. 115
    MS K551

Java Utility Software

The Systems Engineering and Integration group has had a number of projects over the last decade writing programs in the Java™ programming language. This page provides access to a library and a number of utility classes that can be downloaded and used in your own software.

More easily plot data. The LANL Plot Library is a set of classes that use the JFreeChart library to produce graphs of data. The LANL Plot Library is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. For more information please see http://www.jfree.org/. The LANL Plot Library can be used to make line graphs with linear or logarithmic axes, contour plots, and line graphs with a calendar date on one of the axes.

The remaining classes are released into the Public Domain.

Java print utility for Components. The PrintUtilities class can be used to print a Java AWT or Swing component. Line breaks can be input so that page breaks occur between GUI elements, rather than in the middle of one.

Easier progress bars. The Progress Bars are AWT frames that can be used to show progress. They can be used in either Swing or AWT applications without having to use a SwingWorker to update the progress display.

Calculate atmospheric variables. The Atmosphere classes can be used to calculate state variables of the atmosphere for either the 1962 or 1976 US Standard Atmosphere.

Calculate Earth's magnetic field variables. The TSAGeoMag class can be used to calculate the strength and direction of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Physical units conversion. The UnitsConversion class has utility methods for converting between different physical units. It can also convert from true bearing to magnetic bearing, and between Mach number, calibrated, and true airspeed.

Simple status popups. The ShowStatus class is a very simple frame for popping status messages to the user, and it is used by several of the other classes.

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