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    Kristin Omberg
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    David Cremer
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    Lorraine Johnson
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    TA-52, Bldg. 115
    MS K551

Earth’s Magnetic Field

The TSAGeoMag class is adapted from software provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It can calculate the magnetic field strength, declination, and dip angle for the Earth’s magnetic field. To use the class:

TSAGeoMag magField = new TSAGeoMag();

double latitude = 30.000; // 30 degrees north latitude
double longitude = -97.0000; // 97 degrees west longitude
double date = 2007.5; // about July 1 of 2007. It’s the date in decimal years
double elevation = 1.0; // the elevation in kilometers, or 1,000 meters

double declination = magField.getDeclination(latitude, longitude, date, elevation);

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