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D  Decision Applications


  • Division Leader
    Venkateswara R. Dasari (DV Rao)
  • Deputy Division Leader
    Kristen Omberg
  • Chief of Staff
    Betty S. Martinez
  • Executive Office Administrator
    Edith Madrid
    (505) 667-4567
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Decisive help solving complex problems

The Decision Applications Division (D) is the decision-analysis arm of Los Alamos National Laboratory. We enable key national security decisions through science-based, multidisciplinry assessments, tackling problems which, because of their complexity, size, and national security implications, may fall beyond the reach of your own organization.

Our client list includes the Departments of Energy, Defense, and Homeland Security; the Centers for Disease Control; NASA; and organizations within the intelligence community.

Core Capabilities

  • Engineering
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Nuclear science and engineering
  • Operations research/systems analysis
  • Risk assessment and industrial engineering
  • Statistical science

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