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Seismic Risk Analysis

Seismic Risk Analysis

Components of Seismic Risk Analysis involve generating estimates of an earthquake ground motion parameter (such as peak ground acceleration or peak spectral acceleration) as a function of annual likelihood, estimating the response or damage to structures systems and components to that ground motion parameter, assessing the likelihood of failure of a structure system or component given the seismic hazard, and assembling the individual component failure rates such that an overall picture of risk can be conveyed. D-5 has the capabilities for performing all portions of a seismic risk analysis, including probabilistic seismic hazards assessments, equipment and structural fragility analysis, and systems modeling. The D-5 staff has performed seismic risk analysis on LANL structures and has performed peer reviews of seismic risk work for others. We strive to work with our customers in understanding their rationale for undertaking seismic risk assessments and modify our techniques to accommodate their needs. We can use either national hazard maps coupled with empirical loss models (HAZUS) or site-specific hazard studies and component fragilities to estimate loss and consequence. Additional information is outlined below.



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