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Decision Applications: D-5
Nuclear Weapons Safety

Nuclear Weapons Safety

Studies in safety management of stockpile stewardship

Our work in the area of stockpile stewardship supports the mission of Los Alamos National Laboratory to reduce the nuclear danger. Our expertise in this area is focused on designing safety into nuclear weapons processes, conducting nuclear explosive risk and damage assessments, and evaluating the safety of testing programs related to nuclear weapons. In addition, we have developed custom software to be used in these assessments.

  • Capabilities
  • Pantex Hazard Assessments
    D-5 provides an integrated safety analysis approach to weapon disassembly and assembly processes. Hazards, mitigating strategies, and process changes to reduce risk are identified.
  • Weapons Reliability
    D-5 develops probabilistic performance models for weapon components and sub systems. The analysis determines the reliability of the system and evaluates alternatives.
  • Code Development
    D-5 develops software to support emergency response to nuclear weapons accidents in the field. The goal is to develop software that provides alternatives based on limited data and to incorporate new data for evaluation.
  • WSSA
    Weapon response to a variety of abnormal environments is evaluated in this effort. This process provides information to ensure the adequacy of controls established to reduce risk.


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