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Decision Applications: D-5
Nuclear Reactor Safety and Risk Analysis

Nuclear Reactor Safety and Risk Analysis

D-5 has a long and distinguished record of nuclear reactor safety analyses that have been performed in support of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC's) mission to license commercial nuclear reactors in the US. D-5 has supported the NRC in several main areas in the last several years, including:

  • Integrated chemical effects and debris testing in support of safety questions related to plugging of the reactor containment sump strainers that recirculate water in the emergency-core cooling systems in pressurized water reactors.
  • Vulnerability analysis of potential threats to commercial reactor sites, including threat assessment, damage/consequence assessment, and mitigation/prevention strategies.
  • Thermal-hydraulic assessment and support for reactor licensing applications. This work includes support for the NRC's thermal-hydraulic computer code TRACE. TRACE has its origin in the D-5-developed code TRAC.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) support for regulatory applications in the NRC. CFD calculations are rapidly becoming the cutting-edge analysis tools for reactor safety applications.

D-5 supports the safe application of nuclear energy and supports the Laboratory's commitment to ensuring that new nuclear technologies and applications receive the highest level of attention.



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