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Decision Applications: D-5
Nuclear Facility Safety

Nuclear Facility Safety

Performing safety analysis for LANL nuclear facilities

D-5 is the Laboratory's recognized expert in safety analysis. Because of its reputation, D-5 has performed safety analyses for almost all of the LANL nuclear facilities. In addition, D-5 has performed safety analyses at other sites, including Hanford, the Nevada Test Site, and Pantex. The D-5 staff has also served on Department of Energy (DOE) review teams and DOE requirements development teams and has taught several DOE courses on safety analysis.

D-5 has developed many of the requirements, standards, and guidance documents in this field for both the Laboratory and the DOE. We provide a great resource into understanding the application or history of these documents.

D-5 can perform hazards analyses, perform accident analyses, aid in technical safety measurement development, and perform analyses for unresolved safety questions. D-5 is considered to be a leader in accident analysis and has extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • fires
  • explosions
  • complex heat transfer
  • complex fluid flow
  • source-term derivation
  • in-facility transport (leak path factor)
  • atmospheric dispersion

D-5 also supports new facility design and construction. D-5 has been a member of almost all of the new nuclear facility project teams at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In addition, D-5 currently is supporting the design and construction of the Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility. This facility will dispose of 3 metric tons of plutonium per year from nuclear weapons by using this plutonium in manufacturing up to 150 pressurized-water-reactor MOX fuel assemblies per year. D-5 provides technical support to the Department of Energy/Materials Disposition and to Duke, Cogema, Stone and Webster in the areas of design and safety reviews, licensing support, safeguards and security, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing requirements.



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