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Laurie S. Waters

Dr. Waters served as Deputy Group Leader for D-10 and acting Deputy for D-5 from March 2001 to February 2004 and was a rotating staffer for Dr. John Immele, the LANL Deputy Director for National Security from March to June 2004. From August 2004 to May 2005 she served in Washington, DC, as Deputy Director for the Radiological & Nuclear Countermeasures Portfolio in the DHS PP&B office of the Science & Technology Directorate under an IPA agreement

Dr. Waters' thesis work and early research concentrated on relativistic heavy-ion physics at the Bevelac, at the Brookhaven AGS, and in planning for RHIC experiments. She joined LANL as a postdoc at the LANSCE WNR Facility in January 1991, then moved to the Transport Methods Group in X Division in November 1992. During this time she was involved in Monte Carlo simulation code development and applications and was also a guest scientist at the Superconducting Super Collider. In May 1996 she became the Project Leader for Target/Blanket and Materials Engineering Development and Demonstration for the Accelerator Production of Tritium program, directing research for high-power accelerator materials damage measurements, radiation transport code and data development, and engineering benchmarking projects. As Project Leader, she supervised an $80 million portfolio for the ED&D work. Significant activities included the development of the MCNPX code system, the APT Materials Handbook, and numerous experiments for simulation code validation and cross-section measurements. She wrote the Authorization Basis documents for category-3 nuclear facility materials and engineering measurements at the LANSCE Area A facility. She joined the D-10/D-5 Nuclear Design and Risk Analysis Group in March 2001, forming and leading the Radiation Transport Team until July 2004. She also served as an elicitor for the DHS Biorisk project in 2005, and is currently doing Monte Carlo simulations for a variety of projects and is supporting the LANL Center for Homeland Security in developing proposals for DHS/DNDO.

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