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Donna Sander Baker

Donna Sander Baker is the Deputy Group Leader for the Nuclear Design and Risk Analysis Group (D-5) in the Decision Applications Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Donna came to D-5 from LANL's Statistical Sciences Group (D-1), where she was the Systems Ethnography and Qualitative Modeling Team Leader.

Donna joined LANL in the Detonator Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Group (DX-1) in 1997 to support the detonator design and production activities. She assisted them in increasing their production efficiencies from 54% to over 99%. While at LANL, she has been involved in leading and coordinating the implementation of Six Sigma within design, engineering, and manufacturing groups and was the Team Leader for the Quality Improvement and Systems team, supporting manufacturing with a primary focus on pit manufacturing.

Before joining LANL, Donna worked for Anheuser-Busch Inc., in various positions, including Manager of Total Quality, Statistical Quality Control Manager, and Principal Design Engineer. Donna has experience managing project improvement teams within management, manufacturing, human resources, safety and human performance, and equipment and gauging.

Donna Baker has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Denver and a Master of Science degree in Mathematical Statistics from Arizona State University.

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