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November 2012

Kurt's Column

Two-Way Communication is Even More Important Today

Does it seem McMillanlike the pace of change and information overload is increasing? Many are familiar with Moore’s law, which states that the power of computers is doubling every 18 months.  Some even know the law of fiber, the backbone of the Internet, which says that the capacity of fiber bandwidth is doubling every nine months. Speaking of fiber, many miles of fiber have recently been installed throughout Northern New Mexico through the REDI Net program. LANS, LLC, the company that manages the Laboratory for the federal government, helped provide seed money for REDI Net, and you can find out more about the project at http://www.ncnmedd.com/REDI%20Net.html. These and many other changes facilitate communication.

The Community Programs Office is supporting communication through publications such this one, our annual Community Leaders Survey, and by working closely with local government officials, heads of nonprofit organizations, business professionals, and education representatives, among others. Many of our top managers keep in touch through a variety of activities, including representation on regional boards and other important community initiatives to help understand key issues.

It’s through these communication channels that we align our resources with community challenges and expectations. After all, how can we help meet shared goals if we don’t know what they are? As the saying goes, we are the community and the community is us. Last month we shared some of the changes made to the LANS Community Commitment Plan based upon extensive regional input, and you’ll hear more about progress in future issues of Connections. In the meantime, this issue provides some information on how we use what we hear from members of the community. For instance, we know that a thriving local economy is critical to our joint success, so we’re working hard to support the development and growth of local businesses. The economic development section this month helps illustrate the work we’re doing with projects that will receive funding through LANL and Sandia laboratories' New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) program. Thanks to leadership from the legislative and executive branches of state government, NMSBA is a model program. We also feature an article about the Regional Development Corporation’s "20/20" program.

Then there’s our support for teachers in building world-class math and science education programs in Northern New Mexico.

Each year, community leaders ask good questions about the education our children are receiving. This month’s issue talks about Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation’s conference designed to inspire better science education, which is critical to our country’s future. We also cover grant-writing expertise funded by Los Alamos National Security, LLC to Santa Fe Community College that resulted in a $1 million grant to train youth in green-building technologies.

I am confident that by sharing information and working together we can continue to support our communities and keep up with the increasing pace of change. Communication is vital to these efforts, so be assured that we will continue to both listen and relate.

As always, you can communicate with our office at any time by calling (505) 665-4400 or by writing to community@lanl.gov.



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