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October 2012

Kurt's Column

We Have a New Community Commitment Plan

I am pleased McMillanto announce that the Board of Governors of Los Alamos National Security, LLC unanimously approved our Community Commitment Plan 2.0 proposal for Northern New Mexico and the Laboratory (see the lead article this month for more information). Reasons to approve a new plan were many, and I'm especially appreciative of the Board's decision because the Plan is no longer a specific contractual obligation.

We listened to many Northern New Mexicans and worked diligently to demonstrate that the previous $3 million LANS spent each year since 2006 in education, economic development, and community giving had a meaningful return on investment for the community and LANL.

Let’s take a moment to thank our regional program partners who helped implement quality programs and collect data through accountability reviews, economic reports, surveys, and interviews. I’d also like to thank our “Red Team Review” members who helped ensure that the information was accurate and the business case was strong. The LANS Board of Governors is made up of intelligent and savvy business leaders, and we needed to “do our homework” in advance of our presentation and request for continued full funding.

We also spent considerable time quantifying and qualifying our initiatives and their effectiveness to further ensure that they were they all they could be.

As we have for the past six years, we’ll continue to meet with the Board of Governors each year to report our progress and impacts and request a budget that will provide the maximum benefit for everyone involved.



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