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March 2011

From Our Office Director

Being a Good Neighbor During a Crisis


With extremely cold temperatures and the temporary loss of natural gas, the beginning of February was challenging for all of us. Many families in New Mexico lost the ability to heat their homes and in some cases had to find alternative housing.

As soon as LANL became aware of this serious situation, many individuals and organizations around the Lab, in conjunction with our DOE/NNSA site office, rapidly mobilized to scale back on our natural gas and electricity consumption. We also worked with area governments and leaders to ensure that supplies were available for shelters. As natural gas service was restored, 31 LANL pipefitters spent more than 1,100 hours helping bring private dwellings back online. We are now in the process of helping State officials reconstruct the series of events that led to the crisis so everyone can be better prepared in the future.

Whether or not to respond to the crisis by cutting back was never under discussion, only how much, and how quickly, we could help. If you want learn more about the Lab's response, please read the Connections article here.

There are also some regional organizations that could use a helping hand, such as KUNM, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Habitat for Humanity. You can read more about all of these efforts in this month's issue as well.

Last, but not least, we ask you to celebrate with us those students and schools that are working to excel academically. This month it's the Los Alamos Middle School's recent win at the MATHCOUNTS competition. Our students in Northern New Mexico are working very hard to expand their math and science proficiencies, and we should let them know how proud we are of them.

I hope you enjoy these and other stories in this month's Connections...and here's hoping for a temperate and spring-like month of March!


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