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Process Materials
Materials used during WR manufacturing that do not become part of the WR component or WR product. These include, but are not limited to, the following: tooling, fixtures, oils, chemicals, lubricants, impression materials, marking materials, and plastics. Metallic materials of construction, such as steel, aluminum, and copper alloys used in tools and fixtures are normally considered compatible. However, coatings or other materials on tooling or fixtures that could be imparted to the surface of WR product or WR components shall be evaluated by the WRMCB prior to use.

Components or WR Product
Any material that eventually becomes an integral part of the final component, assembly or subassembly.

A committee whose function is to administer a material control program that guides all aspects of evaluation, testing, procurement, and usage of process material in the manufacture of WR components or WR product. The review committee consits of a chairperson, at least one representative from the Manufacturing Agency, and various SMEs.

October 30/2007

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