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Actinide Analytical Chemistry

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Nuclear Forensics Center is an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory for Chemical Testing of nuclear materials

The Actinide Analytical Chemistry Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory provides expertise in chemical and radiochemical analysis of materials where actinide elements, including plutonium and uranium, make up a significant portion of the sample. These analyses range from assay of the major and minor components down to trace analysis of impurities – spanning over seven orders of magnitude of chemical analysis capability.

The mission of Actinide Analytical Chemistry began with the Manhattan project and continues today. We are a recognized national asset and leader within the international nuclear community for our in-depth technical capabilities, knowledge, and the strength of our quality assurance program. We help sustain the nation’s nuclear security through our core programmatic contributions to stockpile support, nonproliferation and nuclear forensics. In addition, we provide customized support and problem-solving to "walk-in" customers, and pursue an active R&D program of analytical methodology and applications.

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Actinide Analytical Chemistry
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