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Bioscience Division, B


  • Division Leader
    Jose A. Olivares
  • Deputy Division Leader
  • Chief of Staff
    Kathy Kelly
  • Executive Office Administrator
    Nicole Voight
  • Division Office
    505 667 2690

High-Throughput Gene Cloning and Protein Production Facility

The cloning and protein production facility in Bioscience Division was developed by researchers working with the National Institutes of Health's Protein Structure Initiative. This LANL facility has 2500 sq. ft. of wet lab space for molecular cloning and evolution, fermentation, protein purification, and protein analysis and characterization. Researchers use a database management system to design and track the progress and results of high-throughput experiments.

The facility serves Tuberculosis Structural Genomics Consortium and the Integrated Center for Structure and Function Innovation, but is also a resource for collaborations with UCLA, the University of Virginia, the University of Chicago, Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory.


"Proteins are the molecular machines of life, and a knowledge of their three-dimensional structures is crucial for understanding how they work"
-Tom Terwilliger, Structural Genomics Team Leader

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