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Thomas C. Terwilliger

Structural Biology

Tom Terwilliger graduated magna cum laude in Physics from Harvard College in 1978. He obtained his PhD on the structure of melittin from bee venom with David Eisenberg at UCLA in 1981. He was a Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellow with Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., at UC Berkeley from 1981-1985, then a Presidential Young Investigator at the University of Chicago from 1985-1990, and has been on the staff of Los Alamos National Laboratory since 1991. He is now a Laboratory Fellow and works on Structural Genomics and methods for X-ray crystallography.

Research Interests

  • Structural genomics: Proteins are the molecular machines of life, and a knowledge of their three-dimensional structures is crucial for understanding how they work. >>> read more...
  • TB Structural Genomics Consortium:The TB Structural Genomics Consortium is a worldwide consortium of hundreds of scientists from around the world devoted to determining structures of proteins from the pathogenic organism M. tuberculosis. Our group founded and led the TB SGC for its first 5 years as part of phase 1 of the NIH Protein Structure Initiative. >>> read more...
  • The Integrated Center for Structure and Function Innovation: Our Los Alamos group leads the ISFI, a consortium of scientists developing methods for determining protein structures reliably and rapidly. >>>read more...
  • Methods development for macromolecular crystallography: Our group and our colleagues have developed algorithms and software for analyzing X-ray diffraction data from macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids and determining their 3-dimensional structures. >>> read more...

Representative Publications

Anderson, D., Terwilliger, T. C., Wickner, W. and D. Eisenberg.  (1980).  Melittin forms crystals which are suitable for high-resolution x-ray structural analysis and which reveal a molecular 2-fold axis of symmetry.  J. Biol Chem.  255, 2578-2582.

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Terwilliger, T. C.  (1988).  Simple and highly efficient site-specific mutagenesis, by ligation of an oligodeoxyribonucleotide into gapped heteroduplex DNA in which the template strand contains uridine.  Gene 69, 317-324.

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Patents issued

Wise, A. A., Kuske, C. R., Terwilliger, T. C. (2004). Detection of phenols using engineered bacteria. US Patent No. 6,773,918 

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