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    Jose A. Olivares
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han_cliff at lanl dot gov

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Rebecca McDonald
(505) 665-4650

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Cliff S. Han

Sequencing, Finishing & Metagenomics

Cliff S. Han is the computational finishing team leader at the Joint Genome Institute in Los Alamos National Laboratory. He received his undergraduate degree from Jining Medical College in medicine, his Masters Degree from Suzhou Medical College in psychiatry. He worked in a mental hospital for 4 years as a psychiatrist before completing a Ph.D. in 1996 from Fudan University in genetics. Since then, he has spent the last 16 years working at LANL on genomics, starting with human genome project and later on sequencing microbial genomes.

Research Interests

  • Genome sequencing and finishing
  • Single cell genomics
  • Metagenomics

Representative Publications

Chain PS, Grafham DV, Fulton RS, Fitzgerald MG, Hostetler J, Muzny D, Ali J, Birren B, Bruce DC, Buhay C, Cole JR, Ding Y, Dugan S, Field D, Garrity GM, Gibbs R, Graves T, Han CS, Harrison SH, Highlander S, Hugenholtz P, Khouri HM, Kodira CD, Kolker E, Kyrpides NC, Lang D, Lapidus A, Malfatti SA, Markowitz V, Metha T, Nelson KE, Parkhill J, Pitluck S, Qin X, Read TD, Schmutz J, Sozhamannan S, Sterk P, Strausberg RL, Sutton G, Thomson NR, Tiedje JM, Weinstock G, Wollam A; Genomic Standards Consortium Human Microbiome Project Jumpstart Consortium, Detter JC. Genomics. Genome project standards in a new era of sequencing. Science. 2009;326(5950):236-7.

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