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    Jose A. Olivares
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    Kathy Kelly
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    Nicole Voight
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jmfair at lanl dot gov

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Rebecca McDonald
(505) 665-4650

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Jeanne M. Fair


Research Interests

  • Avian comparative biology specializing in immunology, disease, and response to stress, including contaminants in the environment.
  • Development of wild and domestic bird immunological techniques for investigating immunocompetence and ecological physiology in birds.
  • Determination of host range and species susceptibility of West Nile Virus and avian influenzas. 
  • System dynamic modeling of epidemiology and human health risk to emerging zoonotic pathogens.  
  • Modeling and simulation of emerging and zoonotic diseases in animal and human populations.

Representative Publications

Swenson, N., J.M. Fair. and J. Heikoop. 2008 Water stress and hybridization between Quercus cambelii and Quercus crisea. Western North American Naturalist 68:498-507.

Fair, J. M., K. J. Taylor-McCabe, Y. Shou, and B. L. Marrone. In press. Immunophenotyping of Avian Lymphocytes: Implications and Future for Understanding West Nile virus in Birds.  Studies in Avian Biology

Fair, J. M., K. J. Taylor-McCabe, Y. Shou, and B. L. Marrone. 2008.  Immunophenotyping of Chicken Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Subpopulations: Individual Variability and Repeatability. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 125: 268-273.

Fair, J.M. and S. Whitaker. 2008. Avian cell-mediated immune response to drought.  Wilson Journal of   Ornithology 120: 813-819

Fair, J.M., R.J. LeClaire, M.L. Wilson, A.L. Turk, S.M. DeLand, D.R. Powell, P.C. Klare, M. Ewers, and D. Izraelevitz. 2007 "An Integrated Simulation of Pandemic Influenza Evolution, Mitigation and Critical Infrastructure Response”. 2007 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security

Fair, J.M., S.J. Whitaker and B. Pearson.  2007. Sources of variation in haematocrit in birds. Ibis 149:535-552.

Fair, J.M. and J. Heikoop. 2006. Stable isotope dynamics of nitrogen sewage effluent uptake in a semi-arid wetland.  Environmental Pollution 140:500-505

Fair, J.M. and D.Breshears.  2005. Fluctuating asymmetry in Quercus undulatta leaves: morphological responses to drought stress. Journal of Arid Environments.62:235-249.

Fair, J.M., O.B Myers, and R.E. Ricklefs. 2003. Immune response, growth, and mortality of nestling western bluebirds and ash-throated flycatchers in proximity to soil contaminants. Ecological Applications. 13:1817-1829.

Whitaker, S. and Fair, J.M. 2002.  The costs of immunological challenge to developing mountain chickadee (Poecile gambeli) in the wild. Oikos 99:161-165.

Fair, J.M., and O.B. Myers. 2002 Contaminants and eggshell quality, clutch size, sex ratio, and hatching success of western bluebirds and ash-throated flycatchers: a landscape perspective. Environmental Pollution 118:321-330.

Fair, J.M. and R.E. Ricklefs. 2002. Physiological, growth, and immune response of Japanese quail chicks to the multiple stresses of immunological challenge and lead shot. Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 42:77-87. 

Fair. J.M. and O.B. Myers. 2002. The ecological and physiological costs of lead on developing western bluebirds.  Ecotoxicology 11:53-62.

Fair, J.M., E.Hansen, and R.E. Ricklefs. 1999. Growth, developmental stability, and immune response in juvenile Japanese quail.  Proc. Soc. London. B. Series 266:1735-1742.

Miller, C. and J.M. Fair. 1997.  The effects of blow fly parasitism on nestling Savannah Sparrows in Alaska. Can. J. Zool. 75:641-644.

Fair, J.M., P.L. Kennedy, and L.C. McEwen. 1995.  The effects of carbaryl grasshopper control on nesting killdeer  (Charadrius vociferus). Environ. Toxic. Chem. 14:881-890.

Fair, J.M., G.D. Schmidt, and G. Wertheim. 1990. New species of Andrya and Paranoplocephala (Cestoidea: Anoplocephalidae) from voles and mole-rats in Israel and Syria. J. Parasitol. 76(5):641-644.

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