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Andrew Bradbury

Signature, Ligand & Assay Development

Andrew Bradbury was trained in medicine at the universities of Oxford and London, and subsequently practiced medicine for five years (one full time, and four part time) in the UK. He received his Ph.D. (Cambridge University) in the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology under the guidance of Dr. Cesar Milstein. After his Ph.D. he spent ten years in Italy: three years as a post doc in the CNR Institute of neurobiology, Rome, Italy; and seven years in Trieste, where he was first visiting professor, and subsequently tenured as assistant professor at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA, Trieste, Italy). He has been a technical staff member at Los Alamos National Lab since July 1999.

He has worked in the field of phage display and antibody engineering for fifteen years, and has helped organize over thirty international congresses and practical courses in this field, both in Europe and the US. He has published over eighty peer reviewed articles, including a number of reviews and commentaries on phage display and antibody engineering, and has 12 filed patents/invention disclosures. He is one of the founder members of “The Antibody Society”, and is on the editorial board of three journals.

Dr. Bradbury's research is funded in part by the New Mexico Spatiotemporal Modeling Center, one of the NIGMS-funded National Centers for Systems Biology

Research Interests

  • Developing high throughput affinity reagent selection and screening capabilities, and the application of such capabilities to the detection and treatment of biothreat and emerging infections.
  • The application of phage antibody display methods to the study and treatment of human disease
  • The development of affinity reagents based on fluorescent proteins which he believes will become the affinity reagents of choice for high throughput biology

Representative Publications

Temirov, J., Bradbury, A.R.M. and Werner, J. (2007) Surface-immobilized antibody-antigen binding studies by single molecule fluorescence imaging, SPIE In press

Goldsmith, M., Kiss, C., Bradbury, A.R.M. and Tawfik, D.S. (2007) Avoiding and controlling double transformation artifacts. Prot. Eng. Design Selection In press

Velappan, N., Sblattero, D., Chasteen, L., Pavlik, P. and Bradbury, A.R.M. (2007) Plasmid incompatibility: more compatible than previously thought? Prot. Eng. Design Selection, In press

Dai, M., Fisher, H.E., Temirov, J., Kiss, C., Phipps, M.E., Pavlik, P., Werner, J.H. and Bradbury, A.R.M. (2007) The creation of a novel fluorescent protein by guided consensus engineering, Prot. Eng. Design Selection, 20, 69-79.

Velappan, N., Martinez, J.S., Valero, R., Chasteen, L., Ponce, L., Bondu-Hawkins, V., Kelly, C., Pavlik, P. Hjelle, B. and Bradbury, A.R.M. (2007) Selection and characterization of scFv antibodies against the Sin Nombre Hantavirus nucleocapsid protein. J. Imm. Meth. 321, 60-69.

Ayriss, J., Woods, T., Bradbury, A.R.M. and Pavlik, P. (2007) High throughput screening of single chain antibodies using multiplexed flow cytometry, J. Proteomic Res. 6, 1072-1082.

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