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Los Alamos Molecular Recognition Alliance: LAMRA

Researchers Customize Affinity Reagents to Recognize Diseases and Biothreat Agents

Novel affinity reagents are essential in the chemical and biological detection that is at the heart of the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s mission in threat reduction, as well as being at the interface between many fundamental and applied Los Alamos research programs.

Affinity reagent technologies at LANL are among the most advanced worldwide, with a wide range of different technologies focused on molecular recognition and the generation of affinity reagents both developed and under development. These include different affinity reagents (antibodies, fluorescent proteins, peptides, peptoids, carbohydrates, and oligonucleotides), and different selection and screening systems.

“The Los Alamos Molecular Recognition Alliance (LAMRA)” is an alliance of investigators and their research techniques from four separate divisions at LANL in order to:

  • Facilitate collaboration and discussion between the different groups using these technologies
  • Educate LANL program managers and their cognizant funding agencies of the resident LANL expertise in this area
  • Provide a national resource for customers interested in these technologies

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