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Bioscience Division, B

Group Contacts

  • Group Leader, acting
    Andrew Bradbury
  • Deputy Group Leader
    Laurie Tomlinson
  • Group Office Administrator
    Shane French
  • Group Office
    505 665 3517

  • B Div People

Flow Cytometry and Green Flourescent Protein Reporter are Some Innovations Developed in B-9

The Advanced Measurement Science Group is focused on the development of new instrumentation, techniques and biomolecules for a wide array of biomedical applications, from biothreat agent detection to protein structure determination to cancer diagnostics. The Group is divided into three teams focused on ligand development, optical instrumentation and structural biology. This group houses the Los Alamos Molecular Recognition Alliance, which develops novel affinity reagents in collaboration with three other Divisions at LANL. This Group also incorporates the National Flow Cytometry Resource (NFCR), which focuses on developing advanced flow cytometry instrumentation and applications, as well as facilitating their transfer to the biomedical community. Finally, the High-Throughput Gene Cloning and Protein Production Facility, which provides materials and innovative strategies for deciphering protein structure and function in collaboration with the TB Structural Genomics Consortium and the Integrated Center for Structure and Function Innovation are also a part of B-9.

B-9 Teams

  • Signature, Ligand & Assay Development
  • Optical Spectroscopy &Instrumentation
  • Structural Biology

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