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Bioscience Division, B

Group Contacts

  • Group Leader
    Jon Longmire
  • Deputy Group Leader
    Bart Burson
  • Group Office Administrator
    Eva Martinez
  • Group Office
    505 667 2737

  • B Div People

B-7 Strives to Understand Emerging and Engineered Health Threats

This group specializes in studying methods to protect humans and other organisms from pathogens and disease – both naturally occurring ones and those that could be used as biothreat agents. Research areas include host-pathogen biology, microbial pathogenesis, molecular signaling, structural biology, innate immunity, bioforensics and security analysis. These research efforts can be applied to biothreat reduction and biodefense, protection of nuclear worker health and safety, advances in pharmaceuticals and general public health measures.

B-7 Teams

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Forensics
  • Host & Pathogen Biology
  • Security Analysis & Applications
  • Signature Design and Computation

Focus on Research


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