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Bioscience Division, B

Group Contacts

  • Group Leader
    Chris Detter
  • Deputy Group Leader
    Joe Fawcett
  • Group Office Administrator
    Ruby Archuleta
  • Group Office
    505 667 3912

  • B Div People

B-6 is Home to the LANL Component of the DOE Joint Genome Institute

LANL is the second largest partner institution of the Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute (DOE-JGI), and specializes in high throughput genome finishing and analysis in support of DOE missions in energy, bioremediation and carbon sequestration. This group is comprised of molecular biology labs and computational staff who together focus on the high-throughput DNA sequencing of whole microbial genomes, computational finishing and bioinformatics.  The applications team focuses on the use of new sequencing technologies to address questions in environmental science. In addition to supporting the DOE mission, this group supports the Nation’s national security mission by sequencing critical pathogens and near neighbors in support of relevent application areas.

B-6 Teams

  • Applications
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Finishing
  • Project Management
  • Sequencing Technology

Focus on Research

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