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Bioscience Division, B


  • Division Leader
    Jose A. Olivares
  • Deputy Division Leader
  • Chief of Staff
    Kathy Kelly
  • Executive Office Administrator
    Nicole Voight
  • Division Office
    505 667 2690

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Bioscience Serves the Nation by Reducing Threats to Humans and the Environment

Welcome to Bioscience Division! Our research integrates biology, chemistry, physics, and computational sciences to address complex problems that face the country. Through this multi-disciplinary approach and through performing basic research and integrating emerging technologies into functional systems, we are able to address issues in environmental stewardship and public health that impact national security. In fact, current projects include finding ways to quickly detect and distinguish between biothreat agents; investigating protein structures that could advance efforts in drug development; and discovering ways to optimize biofuels to give our Nation alternatives for energy.



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