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The AOT-ABS Group is addressing physics aspects of the driver accelerator for the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) spallation neutron source and related topics. List of topics.

AOT-ABS not only contributes to ensuring smooth operations of the existing LANSCE accelerator systems but also aims its activities at developing upgrade paths for these structures, as well as concepts for future ones. These efforts will help keep AOT Division at the forefront in the research fields of drivers for neutron sources and other high-power particle accelerators.

Beyond the physics aspects associated with ion beam generation and beam acceleration and transport, AOT-ABS also supports accelerator-related efforts and computational tasks of other AOT groups, Laboratory organizations, and the accelerator community at large as needs arise that match our capabilities. This support includes collaborations with industrial companies and government agencies such as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense.

To fulfill these tasks, AOT-ABS comprises teams focused on hydrogen and proton beam production and Linac injection; accelerator operations physics; and accelerator concepts. Several Laboratory associates and affiliates round out the skill profile of the group.

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