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AOT  Mechanical Design & Engineering, MDE


AOT-MDE provides mechanical engineering, design, technology, and fabrication support to the Laboratory organizations and facilities located at LANL's Technical Area 53, particularly the LANSCE beam-delivery complex.

The group is responsible for the mechanical systems in the accelerator, the PSR, and the associated transfer lines. We also have a major responsibility to support operation of the ion sources, Linac systems, PSR, beam-transfer lines, beam diagnostics, and experiments at the Lujan Center. To this end, AOT-MED teams with the other AOT groups to design and implement new capabilities throughout the machine.

AOT-MED provides the mechanical technologies to produce accelerator systems for projects at Los Alamos and for applications of national importance. The group performs technology development to advance accelerator engineering design and analysis. The group can design and build small electron and proton linear accelerators for a variety of applications.

Relevant disciplines and experience represented in the group include

  • accelerator engineering for normal and superconducting radiofrequency (rf) structures, auxiliary systems;
  • magnet design, fabrication;
  • cryogenic engineering;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • materials science;
  • radiation effects;
  • high vacuum technology;
  • beam diagnostics;
  • computer-aided design, analysis, manufacturing;
  • mechanical alignment;
  • hydrogen furnace brazing;
  • machining;
  • welding; and
  • mechanical fabrication.

The group operates several facilities: a magnet shop for fabrication and testing of accelerator magnets; an accelerating structures laboratory for development and tuning of room-temperature and superconducting rf cavities (SCRF Lab); a beam diagnostic shop equipped with diagnostics test equipment; a remote handling shop; a vacuum shop; a water-cooling shop; an alignment shop; and a number of machine shops.

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