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Theory, Simulation, & Computation, ADTSC

ADTSC Organizations


  • Associate Director,
    John Sarrao
  • Deputy Associate Director,
    Paul Dotson
  • Center Leader
    Frank Alexander
    Information Science and Technology Center (IS&T)
  • Center Director for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS)
    Bob Ecke
  • Office Leader,
    Advanced Computing Solutions Office (ACS)
    Paul Dotson
  • Chief of Staff,
    Audrey Archuleta
  • Administrator
    Tanya Vandenbusch
  • Office Location
    TA-3, Bldg. 123,
    Room 218
Theory, Simulation & Computation, ADTSC

Applying the Scientific Method
to this Century’s Complex Systems
with this Century’s Tools

The Laboratory's overarching strategy is to provide cutting-edge tools to guide and interpret experiments and further our fundamental understanding and predictive capabilities for complex systems.

The Associate Directorate for Theory, Simulation, and Computation (ADTSC) is central to the huge national need for new generations of ideas, concepts, and methodologies to improve the fidelity, reliability, certainty, and usability of tools to guide and interpret experiments, and provide prediction and control for complex phenomena and systems: the “Information Science and Technology” capability between data and prediction.

Applying Science-Based Prediction

Theory, Simulation & Computation, ADTSCWe apply science-based prediction to nuclear weapon stewardship, the reliable replacement warhead, and beyond. We support all other current and emerging national security missions, such as threat reduction, intel, homeland security, energy, infrastructure, nano S&T, and biological science, as well as most science frontiers from bio to astro.

We intend to integrate experimental-theory-simulation teams, as depicted in the graphic, to meet these challenges.

Theory, Simulation & Computation, ADTSC
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