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ADTSC Organizations


  • Associate Director,
    Alan Bishop
  • Deputy Assoc. Director,
    Andrew (Andy) White
  • Deputy Assoc. Director,
    Paul Dotson
  • Center Leader
    Frank Alexander
    Information Science and Technology Center (IS&T)
  • Center Director for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS)
    Bob Ecke
  • Office Leader,
    Advanced Computing Solutions Office (ACS)
    Mike Fisk
  • Chief of Staff,
    Audrey Archuleta
  • Executive Administrator
    Debbie Goldstein
  • Office Location
    TA-3, Bldg. 123,
    Room 218
Theory, Simulation & Computation, ADTSC

Supercomputing (SC11) Seattle
November 12-18, 2011

fireposter Atmospheric, Climate and Ecosystem Science. High-Performance Computing and simulation for Atmospheric Modeling. This is one of themany areas that LANL featured at this years event.
CoD The Students from the Co-Design School were able to demonstrate what they had worked on in the very first Co-Design School at Los Alamos.
The Booth also featured sound domes to help highlight the video content that was playing continuously.
The Los Alamos logo sign hangs high above the booth for people to easily locate where the booth is.
From inside the 30 x 40 space at the back looking towards the front
The SC11 conference featured how HPC is helping community outreach. LANL featured the Supercomputing Challenge and The Co-Design School.
LANL Scientists have opportunities to discuss their work with colleagues and students


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