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  • Associate Director,
    Alan Bishop
  • Deputy Assoc. Director,
    Andrew (Andy) White
  • Deputy Assoc. Director,
    Paul Dotson
  • Center Leader
    Frank Alexander
    Information Science and Technology Center (IS&T)
  • Center Director for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS)
    Bob Ecke
  • Office Leader,
    Advanced Computing Solutions Office (ACS)
    Mike Fisk
  • Chief of Staff,
    Audrey Archuleta
  • Executive Administrator
    Debbie Goldstein
  • Office Location
    TA-3, Bldg. 123,
    Room 218
Theory, Simulation & Computation, ADTSC

Supercomputing (SC11).. Seattle
November 12-18, 2011

Click here to view photos from this years LANL booth.

The Supercomputing Conference touch screen monitors were divided up into 3 categories:

Computational Science - Work that focuses on issues related to large-scale computing, e.g., performance, scalability, fault-tolerance, architecture, implementation and algorithm issues.

Domain Science - Work that focuses on the motivation or outcome of a simulation, i.e., discovery.

Co-Design - Work that is already explicitly defined to be in this area (DR projects, Co-Design School), or work that is primarily focused on how to co-optimize constraints of physics, method, implementation and architecture.

Listed below are the authors, emails and titles of their electronic poster content. Click on the title to view the poster. (PDFs)

Co-Design Posters
Zachary Backer zbaker@lanl.gov Hardware-enabled Checkpoing
Carolyn Connor connor@lanl.gov Astroinformatics and Computational Co-Design
Larry Cox ljcox@lanl.gov A Monte Carlo Transport mini-App for Exascale Co-Design R&D
  The Python Framework

Prerequisites – mini App

Main Computational Steps
Next Steps
Stephan Eidenbenz eidenben@lanl.gov Optimization Principles for Hardware/Software Co-Design with application in Molecular Dynamics
Dana Knoll nol@lanl.gov CoCoMANS: Computational Co-Design for Multi-scale Applications in the Natural Sciences
Timothy Germann tcg@lanl.gov Exascale Co-Design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments
Scott Pakin pakin@lanl.gov Automatic Conversion of Application Benchmarks
Allen McPherson mcpherson@lanl.gov 2011 Summer Co-Design School
Johnathan Robey jrobey@lanl.gov; Univ. of Washington CODY: shock hydro mini app student project
Justin Tripp jtripp@lanl.gov Joint Architecture Standards (JAS)
Computational Science Posters
Ben Bergen bergen@lanl.gov Accelerated HPC Symposium 2012
Ryan Braithwaite
Michael Lang
The Darwin Cluster @ LANL
– CPU evolution: Manycore
  – Coprecessor Evolution:
Dual-GPUs per Node
–I/O Evolution: Hybrid Disks
– Network Evolution: Dense-Node Communication
Carolyn Connor connor@lanl.gov Computer system, cluster, and Networking Summer Institute
Andy DuBois ajd@lanl.gov Fundamental Research to Better Ensure Computational Correctness and Data Intgrity
Gary Grider
Carolyn Connor
PRObE: Parallel Reconfigurable Observational Environment
    Information & Technology Institute (ISTI)
Hugh Greenberg
Michael Lang
Scalable Dynamic Host Configuraion Protocol (SDHCP)
  DRepl – Optimizing Data Access for Analysis and Visulaization
Ultra Scale Systems Research Center
Nathan DeBardeleben ndebard@lanl.gov Experimental Framework for Injecting Machine to Profile Applications for Soft Error Resilence
Craig Rasmussen crassmusen@lanl.gov ForOpenCL and LOPe: Tools and Programming Model for Accelerating Stencil-Based Applications
Robert Robey brobey@lanl.gov Cell-based Adaptive Mesh Refinement on the Graphics Processing Unit
Michael Warren msw@lanl.gov Cosmoligical Simulations
Domain Science Posters
John Bent
Jon Woodring
Co-processing Simulation and
Visualization on a Prototype Exascale Burst Buffer Storage System
Carolyn Connor connor@lanl.gov Prototype All Sky Imager (PASI)
  (PASI) Radio Astronomy Applications
PASIFX Software
Jorge Roman
Dave DuBois
Indago: Digital Knowledge Discovery
Andy DuBois ajd@lanl.gov Information Science and Technology
Kei Davis kei@lanl.gov QoS Support for End users of I/O-intensive Applications using Shared Storage Systems
Rod Linn
Eunmo Koo
Atmosphere-Bioshphere Interatactions
  HIGRAD: LANL's Atmospheric
Hydrodynamics Model
FIRETEC: Wildland Fire Model
Las Conchas Fire
WindBlade: Wind Turbine Model
David Kratzer dhk@lanl.gov The Supercomputing Challenge
Sue Mniszewski smm@lanl.gov Using a Massive Agent-based Model to Study the Spread of Epidemics
Mark Petersen mpetersen@lanl.gov A Variable Resolution Global
Ocean Model
Bob Tomlinson
Ken Koch
Andy White
Institutional Computing Program
Mustang on the Turquoise Network
  Turquoise Network for Unclassified Computing
Peer-Review Proposal Process
LA UR 11-06271    

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