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Associate Director Experimental Physical Sciences
Susan J. Seestrom

Executive Advisor
Pamela R. French

Editor in Chief
Karen Kippen

Art Director, Photographer, Illustrator
Robert Kramer

Fall 2010 issue:

Scientific and Technical Editorial Board:
Jack Shlachter, chair; Cris Barnes, Antoinette J. Taylor

MaRIE Capture Manager:
John L. Sarrao



Fall 2010 Issue

Los Alamos National Laboratory's

facility future

Susan J. Seestrom, Associate Director, Experimental Physical Sciences. Read introduction >

In this issue . . .

MaRIE: A facility concept revolutionizing materials
in extremes

Predicting materials performance with MaRIE

The importance of materials for nuclear weapons


M4: Making, Measuring, and Modeling Materials Facility
Synthesizing and characterizing materials
with MaRIE

MPDH: Multi-Probe Diagnostic Hall
Exploring the science of dynamic extremes
with MaRIE.

F3: Fission Fusion materials Facility
Exploring the science of radiation extremes
with MaRIE.


Realizing the vision of MaRIE

Read this issue . . .

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EPS VISTAS, Fall 2010 (high quality PDF, 22.8MB)

VISTAS MaRIE illustration gallery (available soon)


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