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Francois Nortier (Meiring) of C-IIAC was awarded a fellows prize for leadership

The prizes are awarded by the Laboratory Fellows to promote excellent technical achievements. The Research Prize commends individuals for outstanding research performed at the Laboratory that was published within the last 10 years and has had a significant impact on its discipline or program. The Leadership Prize recognizes individuals for outstanding scientific and engineering leadership that serves the Laboratory mission.

Francois Nortier of Inorganic Isotope and Actinide Chemistry (C-IIAC) was recognized for a lifetime of dedication and contribution to the field of radioisotope production. He also was honored for his leadership in the construction, design and operation of the Laboratory's Isotope Production Facility (IPF), the world's leading high-current charged particle radioisotope facility, and his leading of improvements in high current targetry, which has led to a seven-fold increase in production since the IPF was commissioned in 2004.

Also recognized for Leadership was Dr. Jon Rau (MPA Division). Dr. Patrick Chain (B) and Piotr Zelenay (MPA) received the Fellows Prize for outstanding Research.


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