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Students will be trained in topical areas such as: Nuclear Decay, Atomic and Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Material Processes and Uses, The Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiation Detection, Standard Analytical Methods, and Environmental Radiochemistry.

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  • Nancy Butner
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Radioactive decay

Radioactive decay

At the completion of this summer school, students will understand:

  1. The chart of nuclides, and be able to utilize it
  2. Different modes of radioactive decay
  3. Components of the nucleus and how it influences nuclear properties
  4. How fission is induced and the resulting products
  5. Radiation detection or mass spectroscopy and be able to determine isotope concentration or ratios
  6. The fundamental components and chemistry in the nuclear fuel cycle
  7. The chemistry of key radionuclides in applications important to nuclear forensics
  8. The application of analytical methods in characterizing materials
  9. Contemporary issues in nuclear forensics

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