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Materials Handling and Actinide Chemistry

Actinide chemistry for basic research, manufacturing, and fuels

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We conduct fundamental research in actinide chemistry, as well as develop new chemical processes for application in manufacturing and nuclear fuel cycles, and techniques for handling rad/nuclear materials.

We synthesize actinide and lanthanide compounds and materials for chemical, spectroscopic, structural and thermodynamic characterization. (Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry and radiochemistry, materials handling).

Understanding actinide bonding - actinide molecule

Understanding actinide bonding
Research using K-edge X-ray absorption spectra into metal–carbon orbital mixing has shed new light on the extent of covalent bonding for actinides.

Apparatus for collecting hazardous material from containment vessels.

New techniques for handling radioactive material
Apparatus for collecting hazardous material from containment vessels.


Ionic liquids for the nuclear fuel cycle.

Ionic liquids for the nuclear fuel cycle
Ionic liquids (ILs) are low-melting salts that have been proposed as electrolyte solutions for the electrodeposition of actinides during the reprocessing of used nuclear fuel. Work in IIAC created a room temperature IL that was used to control the formation of solid-state uranium compounds.

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