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Here we would like to share some of the unusual activities we perform as educators at the Museum and in our outreach programs. We try not to duplicate video that one can find in other places. If you would like to see fun footage of liquid nitrogen, visit our friends at Jefferson National Laboratory’s Frostbite Theater. We have an evolving list that includes many of our favorite videos on our Cool Links page.

Domino Chain Reaction

The Town That Never Was

This is a version of the film we show our visitors many times daily in the History Gallery.

Domino Chain Reaction

The Bradbury Science Museum educators made a set of scaled dominos that we sometimes use in one of our energy programs. We made this video to share the set with a larger audience and to help those who have seen it in person see it in greater detail. We feel seeing it in slow motion adds to our appreciation.

updated 9/8/14 10:27 AM