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High-Tech Halloween

Liquid Nitrogen demo

Where: Bradbury Science Museum
When: Friday, October 24, 4:00–6:30 pm

At this year's High Tech Halloween, you can expect to see the return of some of our most popular demonstrations on cryogenics and robotics along with new interactive shows involving lights, optics, dry ice bubbles, and so much more. Immerse yourself in our adventure tunnels, then make your way over to the creepy crawly critters to get a glimpse at snakes, millipedes, spiders, and even live owls! Prepare to be amazed and delighted.

As always, the whole family can have a “spooktacular” time you’ll remember all year.

Admission to this event is free and open to the public.

NOTE: Preparations for this event are extensive and setup will take most of the day on Friday, October 24. Some exhibits/films may not be available during this time. Although we will be open for business, if you are planning to come to the museum for a regular tour, we recommend you stop by on a different day so that your visit will be as satisfying as possible.

Here are some photos from the 2012 High Tech Halloween which was incredibly popular: 2,332 people enjoyed the 2-1/2 hour event.

Spiders and snakes

Beth Cortwright from the Pajarito Environmental Education Center lets kids pet the PEEC New Mexico milk snake.

Jacob show off his insect collection

Jacob Marks shows off his emperor scorpion and giant millipedes.

Glowing microbes

Courtesy of the Lab’s Bioscience Division, microbes spell out “BOO.”


FIRST robotics show

Los Alamos High School’s FIRST Robotics Team’s robot shoots a basketball into the audience.

Kraz-e-science show

Dave Schwellenbach and his Kraz-E-Science physics show

Cryogenics demo

The Cryogenics Show featuring ‘Lady Bug’ (Pam Matteson) and ‘Lance Armstrong’ (Brent Matteson, LANL Chemistry Division)


Spectrometer on Mars

ChemCam mission scientist Sam Clegg shows how Curiosity’s spectrometer works.

Water on Mars demo

The Lab’s Tim Cleland helps people understand water and its presence on Earth and Mars.

Bandelier talks about what's it like on Mars

Chris Judson from Bandelier National Monument helps people discover how conditions differ on Earth and Mars.

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