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Can’t get enough science? Click on these links to learn more about science and innovations at the Lab and beyond!

Science and learning activities

Los Alamos National Laboratory links

Bradbury Science Museum video The Town That Never Was

Bradbury Science Museum video Heritage of Science (Stockpile Stewardship)

Los Alamos National Laboratory Homepage

A list of Los Alamos National Laboratory publications

Los Alamos National Laboratory’s periodic table website

Los Alamos National Laboratory History

LANL Community Partnerships Office education programs

What kind of science are we doing at Los Alamos National Laboratory?

Free education in many fields:

  • The Kahn Academy is a nonprofit organization producing rigorous free online lessons. Take a look, you may be amazed. (Videos) (Note to KA math students: Please don't drop your units. They can be helpful checking your answers and they are critically important in science.)
General science
  • How Stuff Works We appreciate the effort these people have put in to explain just about everything we can think of.
  • The Exploratorium Founded by Frank Oppenheimer, J. Robert's brother, the Exploratorium is the granddaddy of hands-on minds-on science museums. One of our favorite pages is here.
  • The Explodatorium is our Scientist Ambassador Barry Warthen's marvelous catch-an-egg-in-the-act-of-exploding device.(pdf)
  • Games and Puzzles from Jefferson Lab JLAB educators have so much fun that we just have to link to our cousin's page in ours.
  • The National High Field Magnetic Laboratory education site. LANL has the Pulsed Field Facility of this cooperative program. Lots about magnets!
  • Veritasium.com is an impressive effort to explain concepts in science, many of which are cloaked in misunderstandings. (Videos)
  • In a similar vein is Minute Physics. (Videos)
  • Our slide rule generates some interest. Wikipedia has a good article on how it works.

 Brain activities

Chemistry activities

For teachers

  • Jefferson Lab Hands-on science activities, worksheets, games, and more.
  • World Space Week Free teacher activity guide to space related activities.

Los Alamos Area


  • What If is Randall Munroe's, author of XKCD.com, attempt to answer off-the-wall physics questions. As with XKCD, we suggest a grain of salt, but we do enjoy his production.