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NHMFL and Los Alamos National Laboratory Dedicate the World’s Most Powerful Pulsed Magnet

The National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy celebrated a significant engineering achievement and a scientifically important partnership when the 60 T Long Pulse Magnet was commissioned on August 28 at the NHMFL facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). This unique user facility represents a 50 percent increase in peak-field capability over existing magnets of its class and offers unprecedented flexibility to experimentalists in pulse shape variability, duration, and experimental volume at peak field.

Over forty scientists and dignitaries attended the event, including Chancellor Adam Herbert of the State of Florida University System; Dr. Robert Shelton, representing the University of California; LANL Director John Browne; NSF Science Advisor Karl Erb; Florida State University Vice President for Research Susan Allen; and University of Florida Interim Vice President for Research M. Jack Ohanian. In addition to the ribbon cutting ceremony (see photo), Browne recognized the accomplishments of the twenty members of the 60 T Magnet Development Team and awarded them the LANL Distinguished Performance Award (see NHMFL Reports, Summer Issue, for more information).

NHMFL co-principal investigators Crow, Parkin, and Sullivan also took the occasion to present NHMFL Distinguished Service Awards to LANL DX Division Director Robert Day and DX-6 Group Leader Richard Boudrie. The NHMFL reserves this award for its most significant supporters and replicas of the awards are on permanent display in the laboratory in Tallahassee. The inscriptions read as follows:

To Bob Day, in recognition of his enthusiastic support of the NHMFL during its formative years. Due to his interest and involvement with the NHMFL, the Pulsed Field Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory has become a world recognized leader in high field research.

To Richard Boudrie, in recognition of his promotion of the NHMFL and his effective leadership role during the successful construction and testing of the 60 tesla quasi-continuous magnet at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His support and enthusiasm for the NHMFL program was an inspiration to all who worked on the program.

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May 24, 2004