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Los Alamos press release, September 14, 2001:
Scientists protect quantum information in a noiseless subsystem

Laboratory Director John Browne, seated right, recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of New Mexico and Sandia National Laboratories to create the New Mexico Nanoscience Alliance. The signing ceremony at Technology Ventures Corp. in Albuquerque also included C. Paul Robinson, seated left, president of Sandia Lab and UNM President William C. Gordon. The purpose of the alliance is to advance nanoscience in New Mexico and provide a forum for establishing collaborations among all of the nanoscience research efforts in the state. The alliance will be open to all New Mexico institutions with an interest in this area. Looking on standing from left to right are U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., Stanley Williams, HP fellow at Hewlett-Packard Labs, and U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M.
Photo by David Lyons, Public Affairs
CINT: Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Los Alamos Press Release, January 5, 2001:
Los Alamos scientists shed new light on quantum computation
Los Alamos Press Release, October 11, 2000:
Los Alamos shows path to "Nanocrystal Quantum Dot" lasers
Los Alamos Press Release, August 7, 2000
Director selects newest Laboratory Fellows

Photo by LeRoy N. Sanchez

Mihail "Mike" Roco of the National Science Foundation talked about nanoscale science and engineering during a Director's Colloquium at Los Alamos recently. Roco is chairman of the President's National Science and Technology Council's Interagency Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology working group. (Newsbulletin article 4.14.00)

Los Alamos Press Release, May 30, 2000:
US and Russian scientists develop process for making pure titanium medical implants
Los Alamos Press Release, March 22, 2000:
Los Alamos scientists make seven bit quantum leap
Los Alamos Press Release, September 22, 1999:
Laboratory licenses nanosponge technology
T. C. Lowe's presentation to California Nanosystems Institute Workshop (UCLA, July 15-16, 2000, LA-UR-00-3880)
Examples of Nanoscale Science and Technology at Los Alamos
PDF version
Institute of Physics Nanotechnology Journal

Journal of Nanoparticle Research

The Virtual Journal of Nano Science and Technology

Washington Window

UPI Interview: Wyden eyes nanotech (9/22/2002)

Nanotechnology: Shaping the World Atom by Atom
This publication sets the stage for increasing the public's understanding of what nanotechnology is, how nanotechnology came to be, and its potential impact on society. It finds that the emerging fields of nanoscience and nanoengineering are leading to unprecedented understanding and control over the fundamental building blocks of all physical things. This is likely to change the way almost everything -- from vaccines to computers to automobile tires to objects not yet imagined -- is designed and made.

IWGN Workshop Report: Nanotechnology Research Directions
This publication provides a vision for how the nanotechnology community -- Federal agencies, industries, universities, and professional societies -- can more effectively coordinate efforts to develop a wide range of revolutionary commercial applications.

Nanoscience and Technology: A Worldwide Study

NSF Nanotechnology Database

WTEC Panel Report on Nanostructure Science and Technology: R&D Status and Trends in Nanoparticles, Nanostructured Materials, and Nanodevices (December 1998)

The Knowledge Foundation

Advances in R&D for the Commercialization of Small Fuel Cells and Battery Technologies For Use in Portable Applications, Two Volume Set: Conference Documentation & Conference Proceedings

Novel Microfabrication Options for BioMEMS Technologies & Commercialization Strategies, Two Volume Set: Conference Documentation & Conference Proceedings

New Multi-Client Study:Combinatorial Approaches for New Materials Discovery A Critical Evaluation of Combinatorial Methodology for Material Selection with Special Emphasis on Catalysis



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