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Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extremes (MST-8)


Dynamic and Quasi-Static Loading Experimental Team

This team specializes in deformation and damage quantification, across dynamic and quasi-static strain rates and a wide range of temperatures, with emphasis on its linkage to processing and mechanical. This is done to provide experimental support to advance the physics of damage models for weapons applications. The team operates with both an eye on relevance to the weapons program as well as fundamental science to stimulate intellectual growth, remain state of the art, and attract sustainable talent


  • Characterization of mechanical response across a wide range of strain rates (10-4 to 103/s) and temperatures (77 to 873K), with capability for metals, foams, polymers, DU, Be, energetics and propellants, and other hazardous materials
  • Characterization of the effects of shock loading and shock pre-strain. In house gas gun platforms allow for plate impact experiments at velocities from 20 to 1000m/s and all have soft recovery capability
  • Metallographic preparation of specimens for multi-scale damage quantification and post –deformation analysis

Current Projects

  • The Structure, Mechanical, and Shock Loading Response and Modeling of Defense Materials Project under DOE/DoD Joint Munitions Program, PI : G.T. Gray III
  • Dynamic Properties of Materials under the DOE/DoD joint Munitions Program, PI: John Bingert
  • Strength and Advanced Damage Models under C2, PI: G.T. Gray III
  • Isolating the Spatial and Kinetic Effects on Dynamic Damage: LDRD –DR 20100026, PI’s: D.D. Koller and E.K. Cerreta

George T. Gray III (Rusty), Team Leader, Acting

  • Bill Blumenthal
  • Anna Breiner
  • Carl Cady
  • Pablo Escobedo
  • Saryu Fensin
  • Alicia Herrera
  • Veronica Livescu
  • Mike Lopez
  • Manual Lovato
  • Daniel Martinez
  • Carl Trujillo
100mm vertical gun
100 mm Vertical Gun
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