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The Ion Beam Materials Laboratory (IBML) is a Los Alamos National Laboratory resource devoted to the characterization and modification of surfaces through the use of ion beams. The IBML is operated as a part of the Structure/Property Relations Group (MST-8) in the Materials Science and Technology Division and is classified as a DOE user resource.

The core of the laboratory consists of a 3 MV tandem accelerator and a 200 kV ion implanter together with several beam lines. Attached to each beam line is a series of experimental stations that support various research programs. The operation of IBML and its interactions with users are organized around core facilities and experimental stations. The IBML provides and operates the core facilities, while supporting the design and implementation of specific apparati needed for experiments requested by users of the facility. The result being, a facility with competencies in routine ion beam experiments and the versatility to cater to the individual researchers needs.

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