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Structural Materials

Synthesis and Properties of Mo5Si3 Single Crystals
F. Chu, D. J. Thoma, K. J. McClellan, P. Peralta and Y. He
Intermetallics 7, pp. 611-620 (1999)

Rapid Solution Hardening at Elevated Temperatures by Substitutional Re Alloying in MoSi2

A. Misra, A. A. Sharif, J. J. Petrovic, T. E. Mitchell
Acta Materialia, 48[4], pp. 925-932 (2000)

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of a Mo3Si-Mo5Si3 Composite
A. Misra, J. J. Petrovic and T. E. Mitchell
Scripta Materialia, 40[2], pp. 191-196 (1999)

Structure and Mechanical Properties of (Mo, Re)Si2 Alloys
T. E. Mitchell and A. Misra
Materials Science and Engineering A, 261, pp. 106-112 (1999)

Growth of Oriented C11b MoSi2 Bicrystals Using a Modified Czochralski Technique
J. D. Garrett, P. Peralta, J. R. Michael, F. Chu, K. J. McClellan, T. E. Mitchell
Journal of Crystal Growth, 205, pp. 515-522 (1999)

Residual Thermal Stresses in MoSi2-Mo5Si3 in-situ Composites
P. Peralta, R, Dickerson, J. R. Michael, K. J. McClellan, F. Chu and T. E. Mitchell
Mat. Sci. Eng. A, 261[1-2], pp. 261-269 (1999)

Mo5Si3 Single Crystals: Physical Properties and Mechanical Behavior
F. Chu, D. J. Thoma, K. J. McClellan and P. Peralta
Mat. Sci. Eng. A, 261[1-2], pp. 44-52 (1999)

Mechanical Properties of Monocrystalline C11b MoSi2 with Small Aluminum Additions
P. Peralta, S. A. Maloy, F. Chu, J. J. Petrovic and T. E. Mitchell
Scripta Materiala, 37[10], pp. 1599-1604 (1997)

Sensor/Detector Materials

Oscillator strengths, Huang-Rhys parameters, and vibrational quantum energies of cerium-doped gadolinium oxyorthosilicate
D. W. Cooke, B. L. Bennett, K. J. McClellan, J. M. Roper and M. T. Whittaker
J. Appl. Phys., 87[11], pp. 7793-7797 (2000)

Electron-lattice coupling parameters and oscillator strengths of cerium-doped lutetium oxyorthosilicate
D. W. Cooke, B. L. Bennett, K. J. McClellan, J. M. Roper, M. T. Whittaker and A. M. Portis
Phys. Rev. B, 61[18], pp. 11973-11978 (2000)

Intrinsic Trapping Sites in Rare-Earth and Yttrium Oxyorthosilicates
D. W. Cooke, B. L. Bennett, R. E.Muenchausen, K. J. McClellan, J. M. Roper, and M. T. Whittaker
J. Appl. Phys, 86[9], pp. 5308-5310 (1999)

Elastic Properties of Intermetallic Compound ReSi2
A. Misra, F. Chu and T. E. Mitchell
Scripta Materiala, 38[6], pp. 917-921 (1998)

Temperature Dependent Luminescences of Cerium-Doped Ytterbium Oxyorthosilicate
D. W. Cooke, R. E. Muenchausen, B. L. Bennett, K. J. McClellan and A. M. Portis
J. of Luminescence, 79, pp. 185-190 (1998)

Electronic Materials

Thermal Expansion of Single Crystalline La0.83Sr0.17MnO3: The Importance of Temperature-Induced Strain for the Electrical Resistivity
J. J. Neumeier, K. Andres, and K. J. McClellan
Phys. Rev. B, 59[3], pp. 1701-1705 (1999)

Phonon Raman scattering in R1-xAxMnO3+d (R=La,Pr; A=Ca,Sr)
E. Granado, N. O. Moreno, A. GarcÍa, J. A. Sanjurjo, C. Rettori, I. Torriani, S. B. Oseroff, J. J. Neumeier, K. J. McClellan, S.-W. Cheong and Y. Tokura
Phys. Rev. B , 58[17], pp. 11435-11440 (1998)

Temperature Dependence of the ESR Linewidth in the Paramagnetic Phase (T>Tc) of R1-xBxMnO3+d (R=La,Pr; B=Ca,Sr)
C. Rettori, D. Rao, J. Singley, D. Kidwell, S. B. Oseroff, M. T. Causa, J. J. Neumeier, K. J. McClellan, S-W. Cheong, and S. Schultz
Phys. Rev. B, 55[5], pp. 3083-3086 (1997)

Local Lattice Distortions and Thermal Transport in Pervoskite Manganites
J. L. Cohn, J. J. Neumeier, C. P. Popoviciu, K. J. McClellan and D. Leventouri
Phys. Rev B , 56[14], pp. R8495-R8 (1997)

Radiation Effects

Radiation Induced Disorder and the Radiation Tolerance of Complex Ceramic Compounds
K. E. Sickafus, L. Minervini, R. W. Grimes, J. A. Valdez, M. Ishimaru, F. Li, K. J. McClellan and T. Hartmann
Science, 289[5480], pp. 748-751 (2000)

Radiation Effects in Corundum Structure Derivatives

J. N. Mitchell, R. Devanathan, N. Yu, K. E. Sickafus, C. J. Wetteland, V. Gopalan, M. A. Nastasi, and K. J. McClellan
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B , 141, pp. 461-466 (1998)

Burn and Bury Option for Plutonium
K. E. Sickafus, R. J. Hanrahan Jr., K. J. McClellan, J. N. Mitchell, C. J. Wetteland, D. P. Butt, P. D. Chodak, K. B. Ramsey, T. H. Blair, K. Chidester, H. Matzke, K. Yasuda, R. A. Verrall, and N. Yu
American Ceramic Society Bulletin, 78[1], pp. 69-74 (1999)

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