Numerical Recipes

Numerical Recipes are Lab-only and will require Remote Access.


Numerical Recipes™ is a series of text and reference books on "the art of scientific computing" that is famous for its engaging text and lucid mathematical and algorithmic explanations. The book includes commented full listings of more than 400 unique C++ routines (About Numerical Recipes).

Numerical Recipes Electronic is the updated, online version of the Third Edition (2007).

Read online (requires Flash):

  • Rollover — mouse-hover over the edge of the page to see navigation options
  • Empanel — the navigation menu is fixed on the left sidebar

Download PDFs (secured):

Download Routines

Additional Lab-specific troubleshooting:

Browser settings
  1. Firefox settings: Tools -> Options -> Advanced tab -> Encryption tab ... make sure that "Use SSL 3.0" and "Use TLS 1.0" are checked
  2. IE settings: Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab ... make sure that "Use SSL 3.0" and "Use TLS 1.0" are checked, and that "Use SSL 2.0" is unchecked (check IE even if you do not use it)
  3. Confirm that Port 443 is open (
Mac fix

The following combination of actions has been found to work on Macs.


  • Firefox -> Preferences -> Advanced tab -> Network tab -> Settings
  • Select "Manual proxy configuration"
    • For HTTP Proxy:
    • For SSL Proxy:
    • For No Proxy for: localhost,,
  • Click OK


  • Firefox -> Preferences -> Applications
  • Find the PDF document "Content Type"
  • Select "Use Adobe Acrobat" under the Action
  • Close the Preferences dialog box


Older Versions

Thanks to special permission from the authors and Cambridge University Press, Los Alamos staff have local access to PDF versions of:

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