Remote Access

Laboratory employees can access Research Library databases and products from offsite using our EZproxy service.

This service is limited to LANL employees with active Z numbers and cryptocards.

Access Electronic Collections with EZproxy


Journals - Books - Standards - Databases (WOK, etc)

How to use EZproxy:

  1. From this page: Click on the icon above.

    From external site: Select "OFFSITE LANL Employee".

  2. Enter your Z number and Cryptocard passcode.
  3. You will be redirected to the Library search page.


  • EZproxy times out, or you can log out here.
  • While in EZproxy, the URL in the browser bar will include If it does not appear, you have followed a link out of EZproxy. Try backing up to a proxied page, or logging in again.
  • You are NOT connected to the LANL yellow network.
  • SSL-PORTAL is not necessary or recommended for this type of access. Using both EZproxy and SSL-portal will result in slow connections.

Access RASSTI, Los Alamos Authors, or LDRD using SSL-portal


How to use SSL-portal:

  1. Log into SSL-portal.
  2. Enter your Z number and Cryptocard passcode.
  3. From the SSL-portal menu, choose Research Library. Navigate to your desired location


  1. Use the URLs below:

Special Cases:

  • To use EBL or to access My Account in the catalog, separate login is required.
  • SciFinder: use this SciFinder link. You need a SciFinder account to use resources.
  • DOI: Use this DOI website link, and enter the DOI name (ex. 10.1000/182). NOTE: Not everything in the DOI system is covered by a LANL subscription.
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