Setup alerts to keep up with the latest literature in your field, manage your citations, and MORE!


  • Keep current with the latest research on a topic
  • Receive the table of contents of your favorite journal
  • See who has cited a paper or author
Web of Knowledge : Alerts for Biosis, Inspec, and Web of Science databases
HOW TO: Saved Search alert:
  1. Select a database (see above)
  2. Execute a search
  3. Click Search History
  4. Click Save History / Create Alert
  5. Login
  6. Fill out the form
Citation alert:
  1. Click on your article
  2. Click the Create Citation Alert button (right-hand side)
ProQuest Technology Collection : Alerts for any database
  1. Execute your search
  2. Click Create alert
  3. Fill out the form
IHS Standards Expert : Alerts when standards are modified or updated
  1. Log in (registration required)
  2. Search for a standard
  3. Click Favorites (Add)
  4. On the Favorites tab, ensure that Email Alerts is checked
arXiv : RSS feeds for any subject area

See RSS news feeds for arXiv updates

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