Research Library Awards

The Research Library and its staff have received many prestigious awards in its history, this page list a select few of them...
Congratulations Research Library!

2017: LANL Distinguished Performance Award : Frances Knudson, for her achievements in the development of electronic tools and systems for the Research Library and the Laboratory.

2017: Paul Evan Peters Award : Herbert Van de Sompel, in recognition of notable, lasting achievements in the creation and innovative use of network-based information resources and services that advance scholarship and intellectual productivity.

2015: Los Alamos Fellows Prize for Outstanding Research : Herbert Van de Sompel.

2012: Best Poster Award: Robert Sanderson for his poster "Global Web Archive Integration with Memento" for the ACM IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, June 10-14, Washington.

2011: Best Paper Award : Robert Sanderson, Benjamin Albritton, Rafael Schwemmer and Herbert Van De Sompel won the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award for their paper, SharedCanvas: A Collaborative Model for Medieval Manuscript Layout Dissemination.

2011: LANL Distinguished Performance Award : Carol Hoover, for her work leading a National Laboratory Libraries Coalition working group in procuring the first DOE  site-wide license for SciFinder chemistry database.

2010: Digital Preservation Award: Herbert Van de Sompel, Robert Sanderson, Lyudmila Balakireva, and Harihar Shankar of the Research Library (STBPO-RL) and collaborators at Old Dominion University (Michael Nelson and Scott Ainsworth) won the 2010 Digital Preservation Award for Memento, a framework for time travel on the web.

2007: Best Poster Award, 16th International World Wide Web Conference, May 8-12, 2007, Banff, Alberta, Canada, awarded to Johan Bollen, Marko A. Rodriguez and Herbert Van de Sompel, Ludmila L. Balakireva and Aric Hagberg for The largest scholarly semantic network...ever.

2007: Best Poster Award, ACM IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, June 18-23, 2007, Vancouver, Canada, awarded to Johan Bollen, Marko A. Rodriguez and Herbert Van de Sompel for "MESUR: usage-based metrics of scholarly impact."

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